Online Degrees

Online Degrees at Prescott College

Earn your degree online without disrupting your life. Our online degrees provide you with the flexibility to stay in your community while earning your degree. You'll get to customize and tailor your degree so that you can study what inspires you. This is not a one-size fits all approach to college - this is you taking control of your education. Prescott College uses a groundbreaking bioregional approach to distance learning, in which students apply what they learn in each course to their local communities. Whether you're interested in researching regionally specific examples of sustainability, economic development, wilderness education, energy production, food systems, and social justice, counseling, or your desired area of study ⁠— you'll develop skills in leadership, group organization, and conflict resolution. Complete your coursework at times that best fit your personal and professional life. Because class sizes are small, you'll experience meaningful interactions with your classmates and individual attention from instructors. Our programs are structured enough to give you support while allowing you to take charge of your education and build a program that inspires you and will take you where you want to go, so you'll have the tools you need to get the career you want. 

Graduate Programs

Students explore graduate degrees to advance in their careers, to take a new path, or for the sheer joy of learning.  Our graduate programs provide the flexibility you need and the support that will help guide you on the next step of your journey. Whether you’re seeking an on-campus, hybrid, or 100% online graduate degree program, our approach to education empowers you to learn where you are!

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Certificate Programs

If you're looking to specialize your work, distinguish your career through additional credentialing or increase your earning potential, our certificate programs might be just what you're looking for. 

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Are you seeking a clear pathway to obtain your degree in your area of study? Our programs are structured enough to give you support while allowing you to take charge of your education and build a program that inspires you and will take you where you want to go. Prescott College offers structured programs with sequenced courses to ensure the successful completion of your degree for career development and licensure.

Mentored Studies

Students can take an active role in the design and implementation of their learning through our mentored studies pathway. Students will design their coursework under the supervision and approval of their faculty advisor, with the direct mentoring of a faculty member or external expert. A mentored study is an intense academic undertaking involving the student deeply in the subject matter. It is designed as carefully as a regular course and involves responsible participation from the student, the faculty advisor, and the course mentor. This type of study is limited only by the imagination and expertise of the participants. Mentored studies can be individual, or group, involving several students in a seminar, a research project, or a community service effort.

Students enrolled in an online program will participate in an orientation designed to introduce them to their faculty and classmates and to familiarize them with our learning module and academic planning process. This orientation focuses exclusively on the practical aspects of being a nontraditional distance learner, including how to use Prescott College email, our online classroom (My Classroom/Moodle), and library resources.

Orientation attendance:

The mandatory orientation is entirely online in an interactive webinar format of no more than two hours. We also offer an optional second session for follow up questions. 

What to expect:

  • During the webinar you will be able to connect faces to the names you’ve heard mentioned and the various teams that are here to support your learning adventure.
  • A tour of the various web-based resources that you can use throughout your career as a Prescott College graduate student.
  • A second (optional) webinar to answer any questions you may have.

Residency Attendence: 

An optional annual residency will provide opportunities for cohort-building, field-of-study activities with guest scholars and faculty. Students who have attended residencies find them to be among the most valued part of the program, during which they spend time with leaders in their field, faculty, and fellow students who share their passion.